I was born in Turin, Italy, and spend most of my adult life in Milan. I attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Art in Turin, and Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan.

In the late sixties advertisement was an exploding field in Italy and I became quite successful as a graphic designer and fashion illustrator. My work appeared with frequency in major magazines in Italy, Germany and Japan. Later I decided to advance from the field of illustration to a deeper commitment to the rigors of the “Fine” Art. I dedicated myself to the study of the nude at Brera Academy for several years and become known as a painter as well a sculptor. I specialized in portraiture and had many successful exhibitions in Milan, Turin and Rome including two exhibitions involving the Venice Biennale in 2009 and 2011.

In the nineties I moved to New York were I produced art works for weekly publications in Grazia Mondadori and Fashion magazine, while continuing my studio work in Brooklyn, NY. In the USA I have show in various galleries and I have had solo shows at Headquarter gallery in Hollywood, LA, Merge gallery in Chelsea, New York, Figureworks in Brooklyn, NY, Fullscale gallery in New York. My paintings are in in public and private collections in Italy, Europe and in USA.